Animal Crossing X8 Free Treasure Island, X3 Youtube Members Treasure Islands and Bots


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About Us:

Youtube Primary Channel

Twitch Primary Channel

Twitch Secondary Channel

Twitch Channel #3

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Joing Discord:

Stream Rules:
1. Be Respectful To Others
2: No Racism
3: Please Refrain from spamming and repetitions
4: No bullying
5-Enjoy Islands
6-Joing with your bags empty, and go out with your bags full… dont stay inside the islands if your bags are full.

Violate these stream rules you may get timed out or ban.
If you get scammed in a trade please do not bother Mods or Streamers! We are not responsible for your trades in chat.

In order to access to all VIP Chats and Bots, you need to complete the following requirements:

1- Be a youtube member or twitch subscriber on any of my primary or secondary channels.

2-You need to add your Youtube or Twitch account to Discord:
Go to User Settings on Discord
–And Add Youtube or Twitch to your account.

3-Now we just have to wait for discord to recognize that you are a Twitch Subscriber or YouTube Member. This usually takes about 5 to 15 minutes.
If you have problems with this contact to me… 2DOS3 Gamers#5921

You gona have access to Pokemon Bots and Animal Crossing bots, for solicite all the pokemons, Items, Villagers and recipe do you want.


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