Casual ‘still injured’ Thursday stream

Just arting around, not sure how long this stream will be, may or may not play games later ^^ New edition to my broken finger drama, my nail was removed because, infection..

Sponsored by this coffee is sooooo gooooood ️
#drinkjavy use this link to purchase and get 10% off – Sketch Commission form
Random arts and maybe playing games after 😀
NO POLITICS PLS, KEEP THIS A STRESS FREE STREAM 😀 – support me via patreon and receive many free arts and discounts in return.

Gooby discord link: 13+ only please 🙂
Commission enquiry email-

Chat Rules,
*No bullying
*Questions are fine, but please don’t be creepy
*Constructive criticism welcome but nothing too harsh :3
*No politics or religion.
*No Racism
*No self-promotion
*No asking to be a Mod, I choose based on how well I know and trust you.

– Known Dolan since 2013
– I’m a spectator of videogames but not really a player.
– Mostly Self-taught Artist with 3 years of graphic design.
– I have Chronic fatigue, so forgive me if I finish early or don’t say much on some days.
– I am not a mute, my Planet Dolan character is but I’m not


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