Daily Live Political Tarot Readings – Friday July 29, 2022

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0:00 Welcome!
9:30 Trump’s health?
17:00 Yes, please? Trump spokeswoman gives CNN 10-day ultimatum to stop pointing out his election lies, or he’ll sue. T.ly/SyBj
23:30 I’m wondering if a cabal of racist, fascist, libertarian billionaires went shopping for a president. 45, as all they could find with more charisma than an overcooked cold noodle, was bought?
27:00 A bunch of senators (Cruz, Hawley, Daines, Scott, etc.) voted against a bill for veterans health benefits (that had been agreed upon) because Manchin voted FOR Climate Bill. Will this hurt the GOP?
35:15 Fox is saying that Manchin ‘double-crossed’ the GOP by going back on agreement NOT to support Dems Climate Bill. Will that come back to haunt Manchin (GOP feeling that he vote their way)?
39:00 Gaetz, MTG, Boebert, Mary Miller (IL) plus 17 others voted against the human trafficking bill. Will this be enough to turn people against them?
45:15 Will Donald Trump be under house arrest by the end of the year?
53:30 Anything big coming this weekend/Monday (with the astrology)?
1:01:00 Will JD Vance’s remarks about staying in a violent marriage effect his career?
1:09:00 Will Roger Stone work to keep Desatan out of Trump’s way so he can run for office?
1:11:30 Will the IRS finally go after Trump? It is clear he is lying about his money and where it comes from.
1:19:30 One of Russia’s largest battle ships was destroyed this AM. Was it really blown up By Ukrainian missiles, or did they have a little “help” from American subs off shore
1:24:30 Will the GOP go with Trump or DeSantis as their Republican candidate for 2024?
1:29:00 It was mentioned earlier in the chat that Saudis are going to partner with 45 at Bedminster. What do your cards say?
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//IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER – PLEASE READ! Psychic readings are NOT 100% accurate. I am not 100% accurate. I’m just adding my reading to the consensus of readers. Like judging the number of jelly beans in a jar at the fair, the more input there is, the more likely we are to get to the truth. Thank you for watching!


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