Doom Farm on the Road to Perfection | Day 145 in Stardew Valley

It’s Summer 5 of Year 2 and it’s all looking good. Fields of starfruit stretch across both farms to push us over the edge for money-making with what we need. We have almost 4 million in ready gold towards the 11 million needed for the golden clock and island obelisk. Kent’s the only one who needs to be maxed as a friend and the Luau should accomplish this. I now know where the final golden walnuts are after checking my notes so that will be wrapped up quickly.

We’re now needing to turn our attention to setting up more stuff on our farm like deconstructors for mass producing certain items and getting more bee houses set up on Ginger Island. Then it’s finally organizing our cooking ingredients and other resources to make more serious progress on the cooking and crafting goals. The only remaining crafting recipe to learn is the mini-obelisk from a special order and Qi gems are nice but not essential.

We may soon be able to start tackling some of these extra challenges like fishing and stockpiling prismatic shards.

The earliest perfection can be achieved is the last day of Winter in Year 2 as that’s when you get the final Queen of Sauce recipe. However, in order to do that we’ll need to ensure we can make an additional 10 million gold minimum to afford everything in time (plus collect a good number of resources for crafting and cooking everything).

As we’ll want to make this more challenging I’ll take suggestions for additional challenges from folks through Discord and decide on some additional challenges to keep things spicy.

The extra challenges I’ve got so far are:
1) Complete both community upgrades (a house for Pam and the shortcuts)
2) Buy the furniture and wallpaper catalogues and decorate our farm and house (and for the Ginger Island farmhouse)
3) Grow a giant cauliflower (done), melon, and pumpkin
4) Catch every fish (except legendary fish) at iridium quality (requires perfect catches or a quality bobber from Willy’s bug meat special order)
5) Become a magic rock candy hoarder (trading each week to get one to hoard because they’re too precious to use – the goal being 15+)
6) Outdo Haley as a clothes hoarder (collect every bit of clothing that doesn’t require a heart event or rare item like the strange dolls)

My thanks to Hill Myna for suggestions 4-6.

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