Lofi Plaza · Jazzy Lofi Beats · 24/7 Live Radio

Vibe out at the iconic “Lofi Plaza” with our NEW 24/7 Lofi Radio, featuring the finest jazzy lofi beats released by the Effortless community! The effortless sound is perfectly suited to set the ambience for bars/lounges, chill get togethers or to just be by yourself and let your mind drift while working, painting or simply relaxing.

We are proud to inform you that next to providing you with the most exclusive #jazzy lofi tacks on here, we are also dedicated to continuously enhance our Radio´s visual appearance, by adding more and more animations to what is already YouTube´s coolest #lofi #radio so stay tuned, the Lofi Version of Siena´s beautiful “Piazza del Campo” has many stories to tell…

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| Artwork by Rocketpanda
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©℗ Effortless Audio is a Lofi/Jazz oriented Music Label. All songs featured on the “Lofi Plaza” Radio are part of the Effortless Audio release catalog.


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