Minecraft 1.19 – Lightly Modded Survival Part 7

Welcome! I’m Pyroglyph, call me Pyro! I love doing this 😀
“If I’m not going to talk and interact with chat I may as well play these games off stream” – me

I try to stream everyday, around 8 PM UK time, If you do enjoy the stream feel free to hit the subscribe button and the bell icon to keep up to date! I do have Saturday night off every week, although I may take one other day off a week as well (I’ll let you know which day during the streams)

Other platforms;
• Discord – https://discord.gg/zz8JyUymRM
• Twitter – https://twitter.com/PyroGlyphid
• Reddit – https://www.reddit.com/r/Pyroglyph/

• Lightspeed
• Brighteyes

Live Chat Guidelines;
• Please Be respectful
• Avoid Religious statements
• Avoid Political Statements
• Speak English as best you can
• No posting links
• No Advertising
• Don’t Spam (Unless it’s Bread lol)

https://www.youtube.com/user/yoteslaya (R.I.P Get this channel to 1 million in honour of Yotes goal)



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