Roses Nighttime wip and chat

Thumb nail can be found here:…

Check out this amazing video by Sarah Diamonds showing how to order and build your canvas –…

Abs and Crystals from

We are pleased to share these discounts with you from Totally Diamonds
When you normally purchase from this lovely lady you get a discount for the drills depending on how many you purchase (eg: 2 lots 5%, 3 lots 10% or 4 or more lots 15% OFF)

NOW you can get a further 10% off by using this code : UNIQUELY10

If you are in the southern hemisphere this is our go to lady and we highly recommend her customer service and quality

Don’t forget if you are a fan or doing kits designed by Rose please join our group…

You can buy our kits :

Looking for Diamond by Design ( hiring Rose to make a one off art piece) check it out here :…

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