We Try Water Marbling for the First Time

Hello friends!
This week we’re going to be trying water marbling for the first time! We’re going to be making a few custom “mugs of the day” as well as marbling a bunch of other random items to see what cool designs we can get!

You can find mod hollie & mod alexia’s bingo board here: https://bingobaker.com/#436539126883905d

& check out our merch here!! https://fiendishbehavior.com

Catch us live every Monday at 5PM eastern 🙂

0:00 Intro
10:38 Kitten News
19:30 First Water Marbling Attempt
23:30 First Water Marbled Mug (Don’t Worry it Gets Better) (Kinda)
30:00 Second Mug Attempt
36:38 Water Marbled Baby Croc
41:29 Second Croc Attempt
51:09 Water Marbled Soap
55:22 Water Marbled Candle
59:42 Second Candle
1:14:12 Water Marbled Lipstick
1:16:38 The Final Soap
1:20:14 Outro (We’ve Learned A Lot Here Today)


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